Payasaz Company established and registered at 1979.02.07 under No. 37231 in Tehran Companies registration office and industrial property to implement the statute subjects as unlimited time. The Company’s first manager was some of the best Tehran Amir Kabir (Poly technic) and some other Iran valuable university alumni which some of them are still present at company’s board.


After Iran revolution there was a need to renewal for some damaged building which Payasaz started to work in that field for some projects and also the company tackled for some small metropolitan oil projects in Iran.


Company’s strategy changed to build residential complexes by entering to the field in a complex in Qazvin Iran. Residential complexes was one of the main company`s proficiency since that time.


Right after the Iran and Iraq war, Iran industries decided to rise as soon as possible, meanwhile car industry, which has a background from past years, was one of the leading progressive industry in Iran. As the government policies was to build the new factories Payasaz managers found a niche market to enter and they start to sign contracts with nearly all of the Iranians car factories and start their projects in vast volume in that time and at the moment Payasaz proud that they worked on most Iranian car factories and help to improve Iran industries.


Investment in Iranian project has increased and Payasaz entered to build commercial and sport complexes all over Iran.


Payasaz central office has changed to a new building in Fatemi Square, Tehran where the most modern technologies and equipment where exist to progress faster.


Payasaz started to enter to clinical and hospital projects which the lack of these projects where obvious in Iran at that time.


Payasaz entered to power plant and power post projects.


Payasaz and other companies were gathered to establish a holding company and after a while BENAM co. with a reasonable capital was established and started the projects in neighbor countries. BANA Co. also established with partnership of Payasaz and 8 other companies and start to work in EPC and EPCF projects.


After 26 years of experience and business knowledge Payasaz became one of the companies in first (highest) rank in Iran and also due to the strong corporate governance, achieved to ISO 9001:2000 standard from UKAS


Due to the fast growing market and Intensity of competitive rivalry, company’s board changed a bit and the new boards contained years of previous experiences and new management knowledge that cooperatively can tackle to new markets.


In order to find new potential markets in neighbor countries Payasaz has established a new branch In Istanbul Turkey and start to negotiate and sign contracts with overseas organizations.


Payasaz ranked as top 20 persistent Iran constructions company by construction industry institute and construction minister. Payasaz financial performances, all round strengths, clear strategy and strong cash position mean that we face the future with great confidence.

We helped construction

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