Over last years, we have assembled a more comprehensive set of capabilities and build our business model .We offer lots of capabilities each of which is world –class in its own area of expertise and has the right balance of ingredients to develop further We are increasingly bringing together more than one capability to reduce interface risk, in the delivery of complex projects .these capabilities give us a broader range of markets and customers. Our combined strength in core skills such as technical expertise, understanding complex customers and integrator capability differentiate us further, especially on large and complex projects. Despite the short term challenges in different regions, the construction market offers excellent medium and long term growth opportunities. Our strategy, designed to size those opportunities, has four elements:

Deliver greater value to the customer

Many of our customers own complex and critical assets that enable society to function by providing transport ,energy ,water ,natural resources ,schools ,hospitals and local services .For them providing is not an end in itself .They are concerned to provide education rather than schools , healthcare rather than hospital ,mobility rather than roads and so on .We help them achieve they true goals by working in partnership with them-bringing together teams that have know-how and talent to understand the underlying issues and solve the toughest infrastructure challenge.

Improve operational performance and cost-effectiveness

Our capabilities is the result of a sustained period of expansion .much of this expansion has come through years of experiences and entering new field of market as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Grow in new Markets and vertical sectors:

To achieve further growth we are working to develop our position in new geographic regions and resource-rich economic such as Turkey , Iraq ,Turkmenistan ,Afghanistan ,and Georgia .We are intensifying our focus on high-growth sectors such as power ,commercial ,residential and sport complexes ,dam and water structure ,transportation oil and piping.

Showing our special values and behavior

To be recognized as a perfect provide of construction services and to secure a sustainable, long-term future for the company we will show and insist in areas such as ethics, safety and the environment.

Beyond the