What we do

We have the expertise and capabilities for planning , engineering and design procurement and construction, maintenance and support. We have the expertise and capabilities for planning, engineering and design, procurement and construction, maintenance and support.


From our start project on Tehran Amirkabir University in the 1979 to our work on some of today's complex projects, we have taken on some extraordinary engineering feats. Innovation has a bold role on what we do. On any given project in any location, our engineers encounter some of the most complex and challenging problems. By applying our ingenuity and creativity, we innovate to find solutions. Some of our solutions become industry standards. We rely on advanced technology to deliver engineering and construction projects to our customers. Technology speeds schedules, lowers costs, and ensures quality.


Our supply chain organization provides our customers with Perfect procurement and contract services that are brilliant in the industry.We have the right processes and skilled professionals to meet our commitment to our customers. With high range of procurement and contract specialists and experts, we provide complete end-to-end supply chain management services.


We have worked successfully under some of the toughest situations and we have a proven record of working smoothly with government agencies and labor organizations. Major construction projects are complex undertakings, often involving lots of subcontractors, suppliers, workers, material, equipment, and services. Directing such an action picture demands best construction management―something we have provided for decades on big and small projects.